Digital Post-Processing 19th May

  • Knowledge of digital post-processing can be a photographer’s best friend. This one-day workshop focuses on learning the basic and most essential features of Photoshop with the photographer in mind.
    We begin by walking through options for workflow and exploring various tools for refining and enhancing images. Participants will master the basic tools (selections, retouching, image enhancing and more) and menus of Adobe Photoshop and proceed to one of its most versatile, powerful and creative features—Layers (including adjustment layers and layer masks).
    Working with digital capture, we explore the powerful ways to optimize your processing skills, imagery and vision that can only be achieved with the flexibility of the digital realm and Photoshop. Mentor Himansu Tripathy includes hands-on demonstrations, practical lab exercises,  and extensive time processing images in Photoshop to ensure a well-rounded experience. Ultimately, we produce archival digital prints that rival the finest traditional methods.

    • State of the Art air conditioned class room, well equipped with Wi-Fi
    • High Definition (HD) screen & projector for optimal image viewing experience.
    • Learn the concepts with simple examples & hands on exercises.
    • Step-by-step instructions on post processing workflow.
    • Learn Color Correction, Layers, Selection in-depth, Retouching, Clean up  and more which will help you make an otherwise average image look better.
      Things you need during the workshop
    • Personal Laptop loaded with Digital Image Editing Software.
    • Some images you shot
    • Don't have a Laptop, need help ? Please read the FAQ page for details.



    • How a Digital Image is captured and stored
    • Color image- How it is made
    • Grey Scale image – How it is made
    • Understanding Pixel and Bit Depth 


    • Opening and working on multiple images
    • Discussion on Various image formats like RAW, TIFF and JPEG
    • Saving images in various formats
    • Introduction to various image editing tools
    • Navigation and some important shortcut keys  


    • Import images from Camera Store, Review & Evaluate
    • Throw away the garbage


    • Introduction to RAW images
    • Making Non Destructive correction to RAW image
    • Output the image for further processing  


    • Concept of Layers
    • Types of Layers
    • Creating & Managing Layers
    • Layers short cuts
    • Concept of Layer Masking


    • The Zoom & Pan Tool
    • The Crop and Measuring  Tools
    • The Selection Tools
    • The Retouching and Painting Tool
    • The Typing tool


    • Brightness & Contrast
    • Levels
    • Exposure
    • Color Correction & Enhancement


    • Introduction to sharpening tools
    • How it works Sharpening images
    • Selectively Sharpen Images
    • Digital Noise
    • Noise removal tool
    • Selectively removing noise


    • Create Image Border
    • Type Name and Copyright


    • Digital Image Post Processing Workflow
    • Use all the techniques we learnt during this workshop to prepare a sample image.


    • Incredible n most amazing workshop....a must do thing for all those who are beginners in photography. .... Simple yet effective n in depth. .....looking forward to see u soon sir....Thx a lot sir for such a wonderful class :-):-) ........Abhishek Latte, Bangalore
    • Hi Himanshu....I just wanna say that my wife & I have learnt a lot of new things about photography & post-processing in these 2 days. As a teacher you’ve done a perfect job and now we need to implement, improve & improvise. Thank you for everything.....Saravanan Iyer, Bangalore

    • Hi Himanshu...Hope you are doing well. Below are the feedbacks out of my 2 sessions. I can say, it was very useful for me and it has already improved my skills as well as creativity to next 1 stop (in photography terms :)). Now I am very much confident on using M mode in my camera some of the techniques added my to next level of photography. Finally, Himanshu it was gr8 to meeting with you. Many things I have gathered in the last 2 days sessions from you. (both in photography and PP). Time to time I will also sent you an email for my queries and my improvements as well....Tushar Dalai, Bangalore

    • It was really useful and some of the tips were awesome. Thank you for sharing them.Your knowledge and hold on the subject and also the way you took me through the flow of the post processing was really good. It was interesting throughout and I never felt bored.Very satisfied and the examples were very practical and apt....Prasanna Shresha, United Kingdom

    •  Dear Himanshu sir...I must say the DPP workshop is an experience i will never forget. I was enlightened like never before on topics like layers,color correction,sharpening etc.,layers off course being the highlight of the workshop. I will like to interact with you in future, on this topic and photography,in general....Vivek Singh, Lukhnow

    • Hi Himansu,...That was a good experience that  I can take along with. It improved my knowledge of the features of the camera and also opened the door of processing a photo......Akhil S, Bangalore
    • Thanks for the wonderful tips .. made us more confident now .. hope to meet u soon ....Dhruv Richura, Bangalore
    •  It was very detailed, every aspect of the photography is covered for beginners. The way you explained everything was very easy to grasp. It really helped me immensely  from a zero in DSLR photography, now I know all the details of it.It really has given me a lot of confidence, I have started clicking Photographs in Manual mode. The Exposure: This was really awesome and you made it very easy to understand the concept of aperture, shutter speed with the  examples......Biswarup Paul, Hyderabad
    • Value for money. Excellent workshop from great wild life photographer...Every details of the photography I learnt from your workshop, earlier I didn't shoot as professional but now I know how to............Subramanium Pillai, Bangalore
    •  Sharing information and my favorite is Himansu never just leave you after the workshop.. He helps you with the queries any time. It added Light to my Raw knowledge of processing. It was very informative and really helped me to know why raw pics are important for photographers and how they are processed to make it a perfect picture...A lot of tips on processing...Now you are well versed to choose your recipe to prepare the photo u wish to have.....Dhijith Rajagopal, Bangalore
    •  The best part is first explaining each of the options that are part of the tool. Next addressing how to use those options in conjunction with others to achieve the desired output. Also, this is all done while explaining the proper workflow of digital processing. Also, touching upon features/options we previously discussed while discussing current problem is a good way to remind what we previously learnt. This way we don’t tend to forget what we already learnt and making some decisions during learning like “why this option why not that”. It was interactive too, not one sided communication.The overall content was good enough for a days workshop. It was very good for people who understand the importance of post processing but lack the knowledge on how to do it. Thankfully it did not start with “what” and “why” post processing. I was keen with the “how” part and that’s what I got and I am happy. I assume based on audience this was planned.The value add is surely significant. Although I have the required tools I lack the knowledge part. Some are tough to learn on own especially with so many options and ways to do the same thing. Having an expert explain his views and methodology always helps to decide what to use while processing images. I now think I have a better understanding on some of the concepts like Layers and Masking and know how and when to use it. Small things like adding multiple selection, importance of Threshold in sharpening, how layers get created while doing adjustments and short cut keys was also a learning for me. There were quite a few learning on basics as well apart from the advanced topics.......Arun Shankar,Bangalore
    • The Kabini boot camp organised by you had done a lot of good things to me,....  I was able to fine tune my photographic techniques,  the knowledge and tricks you shared  had induced a lot of confidence in me for photographing not only in wild life but also in other aspects of photography as well. I am now able to manure and use the camera settings with ease and also am able to understand the technical terms referred in the camera Manuel more.The best part of the camp of course was the jungle safaris with you not once but 4 times, a stalwart in wild life photography........V P Krishnakumar, Trisur, Kerela
    •  Hello Himansu...I used to take photos without knowing how the camera works and that to in automatic modes with SLR.Got excelent idea  about the camera working machanism. Now I use manual mode take the pictures. Got good understanding of Shutter speed, Aperture and ISO. Got knowledge on diffrent lense types. Camera care details are very helpful. By post processing I came to know lot of things which helps to process the taken images and how to choose to take photos which will need  minimum post processing. Got a good hands on experience....Chetan Latte, Bangalore


    • Workshop Fee ?
      Rs.4000.00 (cost includes Tea/Coffee/Snacks/Stationary/Packaged Drinking Water and Lunch)
    • Workshop Venue ?
      Shilton Royale, #9, 100 ft Road, Koramangala (inner ring road), Bangalore
    • Workshop timings ?
      All the workshops are full day 10am-6pm
    • How can I pay ?
      You can do a online transfer. We will provide you the online transfer details.
    • What if I am unable to attend the workshop ?
      If you are unable to attend the workshop due to an emergency, you have the option to attend the next batch. However there will be no refund.
    • I don't have a camera now but want to buy one later. Can I still join the Photography Workshop ?
      Yes. You can rent a camera from us with a very nominal fee and use it to learn during the workshop. Post workshop you can decide which camera to buy !!
    • I don't have a SLR but a Pick & Shoot camera. Can I still join the workshop ?   
      Yes. Whether you shoot using a SLR or a Point & Shoot the Photography concepts are same !
    • I don't have a Laptop for the Post Processing workshop. Can you help me ?
      Yes. We can arrange a laptop for you with a very nominal fee !
    • Do you conduct workshops outside Bangalore ?
      Yes if we have enough participants.


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